Salem Psychology Center 

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 Dr. Ross Quackenbush     Licensed Psychologist 

Dr. Beth Quackenbush   Licensed Psychologist

    Dr. Jody Guyette        Licensed Psychologist

Dr. Justine Williams  Licensed Psychologist

Todd Quackenbush Reading Instructor


Our Services:

Unique or Hard to               Find Resources:

Therapy &                     Evaluation:

Academic Skills Workshop/Low Grades


Test of Variables of Attention (TOVA)

Child,Teen & Family Therapy

Reading Instruction/Math Tutoring

Therapy for Adults

Psychological Evaluations/Testing


Eating Disorders

Self-Assessment Checklists (print to use)

ADHD   Study Skills   Anxiety   Depression   Self-Esteem   

Vision Tracking Problems    Auditory Processing Problems (Poor Phonics)


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