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This is the website version of the Academic Skills Workshop Brochure.  If you would like to have the regular trifold version to hand out call us at                (503) 588-1010 and let us know how many you want. 

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Why an Academic Skills Workshop?

Large numbers of students in Elementary, Middle, and High School are not working up to their full capacity.  Some tune-out altogether, a few quit studying, many do minimal studying and rely on their natural intelligence to "get by."  These students are not adding appreciable effort to their own ability and it causes concerned parents real pain to see their children go through their education in such a haphazard fashion.  Bad habits are cruel masters, good ones faithful servants.  Our aim is to help students establish faithful home study habits. 

The Workshop Design

This workshop is designed to help students with one or more of the following problems:

* Poor grades in relation to true ability.

* Daydreaming while studying.

* Socializing during periods of study.

* Not turning assignments in on time.

* Daily procrastination getting started.

* Avoiding subjects that seem "too hard."

* Cramming the night before a test.

We hold age-appropriate session for children in the fifth grade through high school.   The small group approach provides students and parents with caring and direct feedback about how to set up a consistent and effective homework pattern.  Many students respond with new hope and motivation.  Students are also taught how to prepare for tests, take notes, keep an organized notebook, and use recall patterns to read more carefully.

This plan requires the active participation of one parent together with the student. 

Will Grades Improve Immediately?

A minority of students have a sharp rise in GPA.  However, most gain confidence and improve a letter grade in one or two classes.   We expect parents to praise their children for working harder and more systematically, and not make the whole worth of the effort dependent on GPA.

When parents stick with the system after the workshop is over, most will be gratified to see their children continue to put forth a better effort.  Many children eventually incorporate this external structure into themselves until it becomes a habit to study every night without question. 

We can provide you with a fresh start, a study structure that commonly reduces or eliminates conflict, and an opening to raise your child's self-esteem.  What you make of this opportunity is up to you.

Cost of the Workshop

The cost of the Academic Skills Workshop is 135.00.  Additional students from the same family are $115.00 if they attend the same session.   Students will need an inexpensive stopwatch. 

A sliding fee in available.

A new workshop begins each time 8 to 10 students are enrolled.   The workshop is held in the evening.  One or both parents must come with their student.   Each workshop lasts 5 weeks and meets at the same time in the evening for an hour. 

A Child Psychologist Will Lead Your Workshop

* Dr. Ross Quackenbush

* Dr. Jody Guyette

* Dr. Justine Crawford

Child and Family Specialty

We specialize in the psychological evaluation and treatment of children and teenagers.  Common evaluation /treatment requests include ADHD/ADD, Depression, Anxiety, Learning Disorders, and Emotional Disturbances.

Our evaluations are very complete and always begin with a comprehensive interview with the parent/s.  We then give the child appropriate tests, discuss the results in detail with the family, and write full reports.

After the evaluation we have a number of interventions available.  These include: Child and Family Therapy, Individual Adult therapy, the Alpha-Stim SCS, Hypnotherapy, the Interactive Metronome, FastForWord, and Individual Reading Instruction for poor/disabled readers. 

We also have established referral links to Psychiatric Nurse Practitioners for children and adults.


We have the resources and referral networks to integrate psychology, psychiatry, and educational interventions.  If your child is doing poorly in school and/or is acting out at home, we may be an excellent "fit" for you.  Registration Form


Parents say ...
"We have seen a great deal of improvement in our daughter's attitude toward homework.  She has become more responsible for herself/work - I believe she even feels better about herself as a person."
"Your workshop is excellent! It has given both my son and me the skills to do the job.  We need more improvement, but his attitude and concentration have improved."
"A great experience for us to share.  My son has more confidence in his ability now.  We are extremely grateful."
"This program came along at such a perfect time.  We were both looking for help!  My daughter has an entirely bubbly personality, now, since she's more organized and confident.
Students say ...
"I already suggested that one of my friends look into it in the near future.  I thought it was great."
"This workshop taught me to understand how important school is."
"Fun to be here."
"This workshop has helped me a lot.  My grades are better, my attitude toward school is better, and I'm actually starting to work on my own."
Psychologists say ...
Dr. Shane Hayden, Psychologist: "Immensely knowledgeable and passionate for his subject."
Dr. Keith Swanson, Psychologist: "I am very pleased Dr. Quackenbush is in our area.  I have referred clients to him with very beneficial results."
Dr. Robert Schiff, Psychologist: "One of the most useful and practical approaches I ever encountered to help underachieving youth."


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