Dr. Beth Quackenbush Licensed Psychologist

Dr. Beth Quackenbush specializes in individual therapy with men, women, children, and adolescents She has had experience working in education at all levels as both a counselor and teacher. She is knowledgeable about local resources, having worked for local nonprofit and county mental health agencies. Her approach takes in to account historical patterns, current stresses and family dynamics. Dr. Quackenbush enjoys the variety of her practice, which includes interactive play, art, behavioral homework and cognitive interventions.  She is currently

a Boardmember of the Oregon Psychological Association (OPA) and serves on the OPA Ethics Committee.  She has been active in the National Alliance for the Mentally Ill-Oregon chapter.

She is the proud mother of two children, now in their 20's, and continues to have fun learning about loving in her 33 year marriage to Ross.                          

Other Services provided by Dr. Quackenbush

Psychological Evaluations/Testing


Child,Teen & Family Therapy

Therapy for Adults