Dr. Ross Quackenbush         Licensed Psychologist

Child & Adolescent Treatment

Dr. Quackenbush has provided assessment and treatment of children/adolescents for over 25 years.  He was a School Psychologist for 10 years before he went into private practice in 1995.  He often treats kids who have a combination of problems in school and at home.  A large number of kids in his practice have problems in at least one of these areas: ADHD/ADD, Depression, Anxiety, Insomnia, Anger, Learning Problems, School Underachievement or Failure.   He also treats kids with Encopresis and Enuresis. Dr Q routinely

involves parents deeply in their child's treatment.  He typically does an in-depth diagnostic interview first with parents and then a 2 or more hour psychological evaluation of the child before beginning treatment.  Those results are discussed fully with parents and we decide together on a treatment approach.

Dr. Q has great love for children and he consistently works with a mix of humor, structure, and kindness.  

Adult Counseling

Dr. Quackenbush also works with adults.  He has been happily married for 36 years and successfully helped raise two children who are fine young adults.  He has worked with countless parents in the process of helping children.   


He also works with individual adults who are recovering from past or present trauma. 


Other services provided by Dr. Quackenbush  

Academic Skills Workshop/Low Grades


Psychological Evaluations/Testing


Child,Teen & Family Therapy


Therapy for Adults




Test of Variables of Attention (TOVA)