Hypnotherapy done by Dr. Ross Quackenbush, Licensed Psychologist             

What it is:

Hypnotherapy is among the great healing arts.   It dates back to prehistory times.  Unlike stage hypnosis, which is done for entertainment, therapeutic hypnosis is a quiet, thoughtful, meditative process in which the client never acts out or does anything embarrassing or strange.  In fact, the only thing the client does is to relax and listen.  In some cases, you might be asked to respond to questions.  Hypnotherapy impacts the mind at an unconscious level.  Dr. Q combines it with traditional talk therapy as a way to enhance the process of healing and to add significant therapeutic power to the session.  The client is always in control of the process.  Prior to every hypnosis session, Dr. Q asks what the client wants the message to be.  For example, if the client wants to sleep better, be less anxious, exercise more, or control his/her temper that will be the focus of the post-hypnotic suggestion.  We work together as a team to enrich your life.  That is, hypnosis is something done with the client, not to the client.   Dr. Q is a great hypnotic subject himself and has been hypnotized many, many times. He has used it in his personal life to (finally after 20 years) exercise regularly and lose weight.  Adults and kids who are bright, have good imaginations, and strong ability to visualize images are likely to have significant success in hypnosis. 

Hypnosis can be applied to an exceptionally wide range of problems.  An incomplete and short list includes:

  • sleep

  • anxiety

  • phobias

  • depression

  • study skills

  • test anxiety

  • motivation

  • waking up on time

  • anger management

  • bad dreams

  • anxiety and panic attacks

  • trauma

  • enuresis

  • encopresis

There are literally hundreds of other uses.