Poor Reader/Vision-Tracking Problems


Vision-tracking problems are common in poor or slow readers.   This is a problem in which the eyes do not team together perfectly while reading lines of text.  For example, the right eye might land slightly ahead of the left eye and the left eye catches up.  This causes the brain momentary confusion in knowing what to take in.   The result is a problem in which the child’s eyes do not automatically sweep the line and then land effortlessly on the next line.  Instead, the child will finish a line and sometimes skip a line or re-read the same line unintentionally. This makes reading a very unpleasant, laborious process, although kids do still learn to read. 

 A note:  It is the position of the American Medical Association (AMA), and most medical providers that vision-tracking problems do not cause learning disabilities and should not be treated.  I used to believe that – it is very comfortable to line up with the AMA.  However, I simply tell you that in 20 years of school and child psychology I have seen a number of kids who jumped one or more grade levels in reading when their vision was corrected.  I also see kids who go from “hating” to read to deep enjoyment.  If it were my child, I would do this.  

How to check for vision-tracking problems:






The child routinely uses a finger or a pointer to stay on the line


When asked, the child describes that his or her eyes skip lines involuntarily on the page


The child is an slow reader


The child complains of fatigue quickly when reading


The child says that he/she “hates reading”



If you marked any of these symptoms your child likely has a problem in reading - and it may be treatable.  We screen for these problems, and refer them to an Optometrist for diagnosis and treatment.

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